Spillin' the Beans! : The Boy's From Brazil

Welcome to the very first in our blog series of Spillin' the Beans!

A candid look at what goes on behind the scenes at Corojo HQ, what we get up to when away from the roaster, as well as some finer details of our products and services.

In this post we're gonna talk all about The Boy's From Brazil.


Origin: Brazil

Region: Alto Mogiana, Mineira

Estate: El Dorado

Farmer: Laerce Franca Faleiros

Altitude: 1,205 masl

Varietal: Red Catuaí

Certification: 4C, Rain Forest Alliance, Premium Cup of Excellence

Processing: Honey, pulped natural & natural

Tasting Notes: Medium acidity with aromas of hazelnut. Really sweet & fruity with strong notes of mango and chocolate.

SCA Cupping score: 83+


As Founders of the Cocapil Cooperative, the El Dorado Estate has been producing exceptional coffee for over 55 years.  Embedded deep in the families of Vilhena and Faleiros, the estate is fully focus on sustainable production and economic transparency; a mission and methodology shared by all of the IBARACI 1200+ members.


El dorado is one of the pearls of Alta Mogiana, a region situated to the North East of São Paulo and is well known for consistently producing Micro Lot and Speciality Coffee, often placing high in the Cup of Excellence awards, as well as regular SCA Scoring between 83 & 89 since 2014. Noteable achievements also include placing 1st in the AMSC (Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee) competition in 2017 with a Micro Lot of Coffee with nuances of Strawberry Jelly. Later in 2019 they gained 1st place in the Cup of Excellence Brazil edition.


The natural processed coffees in all 7 farms of the Eldorado group have intensely sweet flavours. Honey process is also used, which helps with the intensity of the sweetness and amazing caramel notes. 


Our Estate offering comes to us via Fazenda Laerce Franca Faleiros. Managed by second generation Farmer, Elvis Faleiros, the farm are determined to leave a legacy of Sustainable production for generations to come and in 2018 introduced new raised African beds and a controlled fermentation to improve the drying process.


In 2020, Cocapil received more than 18,000,000Kg of coffee. Working only with Fine and Speciality Coffees, the cooperative is able to promote the farms as a Direct Trader with 100% traceability in the warehouses and paying better prices to their producers for ongoing high quality coffees.

In their coffee lab, every single lot is tasted in order to match the desired cupping profiles of the end customers and is not released until proven by their Q-graders.

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